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Hertz Ride offers high-end BMW motorcycles for rent in Portugal, Spain and France.

Adventurous, Passionate and Bold, Hertz Ride has to be perceived as a lifestyle icon.

  • Passionate: Hertz Ride is passionate about life and loves to inspire positive energy.
  • Engaging: Hertz Ride is authentic and reliable. It’s straightforward and likeable.
  • Energetic: Hertz Ride is active, adventurous, continuously moving and never static.
  • Inspiring: Hertz Ride inspires people.

We target a group who enjoys new experiences and new products to lead the trend phenomenon promoted by the early majority.

Motorcycle Rental

Motorcycle Rental

The motorcycle industry and its set of values are indicative of an urban tribe, a highly emotional community engaged through its main passion. The understanding of this concept is key to the success of this new venture for Hertz.

All the BMW motorcycles in our fleet have no more than seven months of use, less than 15.000km and are equipped with complete luggage system and engine protection.

Motorcycle Rental


The tour of a lifetime starts here!

Travelers who are passionate about exploring new places on two-wheels can also enjoy a selection of Hertz Ride discovery tours specially designed for motorcycle and adventure lovers.

Two wheel lovers seeking new experiences can opt for any of Hertz Ride’s self-guided and professionally-guided motorcycle tours to discover history, culture and dazzling landscapes across a variety of countries.


The concept and brand was introduced to develop the Motorbike Collection product exclusively in Portugal.


The brand “Hertz Ride” was registered in the USA


Hertz Ride launched in Spain


The Cooperation Agreement between Hertz Ride and Touratech AG was signed


Hertz Ride launched in France


Expansion plan: Italy

Aluguer de motas

Where are we

  • Portugal
  • Cascais
  • Faro - Montenegro
  • Lisboa - Cidade
  • Lisboa - Prior Velho
  • Porto - Santa Catarina
  • Touratech - Lisboa
  • Spain
  • Touratech Alicante
  • Touratech Barcelona
  • Touratech Madrid
  • France
  • Nice
  • Paris
  • Touratech Orange
  • Cannes
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